Yoga at a glance…

I’ve grown to love the practice of yoga over the last couple of months. In years past, I didn’t give yoga a chance thinking that I wasn’t flexible enough, that yoga was for hippies, it was too hard, etc. All of the excuses were there. But then… Groupon came through for me! There was a coupon for a discounted rate for 5 classes. I went for it. Tried it. Loved it. I’m hooked for life. Not sure I would call myself a “Yogi”… yet.

Benefits of yoga for me:

1. increased flexibility and range of motion (you don’t have to be flexible in the beginning, but it really does improve it as you go along!)

2. increased strength (I’m totally into strength training and didn’t expect this benefit from yoga. I know that yoga has helped my core strength and upper body strength for sure)

3. improved endurance (That’s right! Yoga is completely about breathing techniques and this has so helped my lung capacity. I can already see a difference during my long runs!)

4. Decreased stress (not much to say about this one. self explanatory. I will say that I crave yoga when I fell the stress creeping up on me…I think that’s a good thing)

I know there are more, but these are the main benefits that I can clearly see and experience at this present time.

You may be thinking, “this isn’t for me…I’m could never do that… it looks too hard.” Yes, there are people who make yoga look hard. The pictures you see of difficult positions are of people who have been doing this for years! There are easier ways to do each pose and ways to stretch that will work for anyone! Give it try. Is it for you? The answer is yes. I think there is a place for yoga (or at least some kind of stretching and relaxation) in everyone’s life. In a world where stress makes our muscles tight and our minds cluttered, yoga frees us from the cares of the world (at least for an hour and a half) and also throws in a couple of other benefits too 😉

Post about HOT YOGA coming soon!

Share your yoga experiences. Any NEW yogis out there?

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