Hot yoga…?

So I promised a post about Hot yoga, right? Let me make good on my promise. I experienced this for the first time this past Saturday. What an interesting concept!! I’m still a little bit skeptical, but I did feel good after sweating so darn much.

The Basics:

– performed in a HOT room (85 to 110 degrees)

– detox through sweating

I was even sweatier than this...

– 26 poses each completed twice

– breathing only through the nose

– no fidgeting! (no, seriously don’t, they will yell at you to stop. ha)

The “Benefits“:

– deeper poses since the body is warm…increases flexibility

– reduces stress

– ? improves immune system since it raises the body’s core temp and promotes “fever-like” symptoms increasing white blood cell production (haven’t researched this)

– ? helps weight loss because the body burns more calories trying to stay cool and also may increase fat cell oxidation (again, not researched by me)

My thoughts… (warning: do not read this if you are eating)

I was very sweaty afterwords. I mean dripping sweat so that the multiple towels I was using were completely soaked, my clothes were soaked, my hair was dripping,…you get the idea? I was prepared with hydration after a friend warned me about the sweat. Thank goodness or I would’ve passed out. This room is not only HOT but HUMID too. Seriously miserable to walk into. BUT something about it seemed addicting. It was 90 minutes long…very long 90 minutes. The poses generally weren’t too hard…but very hard to do sweaty. Love-hate relationship it seems. I was definitely light-headed on the way home and ran out of water in the car (note to self: pack a bottle of G2 just for the car ride home).

Should you try it? Why not. I can’t believe that this is by any means healthy for long periods of time (meaning multiple times a day), and I suggest limiting this to a couple of times a week, max. But go ahead. See what you think and leave your comments here! I’d love to know what you think 🙂

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  1. Josh Roberts

     /  February 21, 2011

    That’s pretty sweaty. 😛


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