Detox Disaster…

Alright, fasten your seat belt… we are tackling the ever-popular DETOX DIETS today! I’ve never been so excited… not.

These things just don’t go away. They come in a variety of forms: raw food, lemonade ( Master Cleanse), fruit juice, Cooler Cleanse, Hallelujah diet… the list goes on…


What’s the appeal?

Well, celebrities are the first to brag about about their weight loss. The claims also include flatter bellies, better skin, a clearer mind, and that your body needs this to be healthy. The well known philosophy behind detox diets is to rid your body of toxins, some hormones, by-products of foods previously consumed, and even saturated fat!


Warning: side effects may include:

nausea, bloating, dizziness, increased weight gain after discontinued use, fatigue, loss of interest and concentration, dehydration, crankines and irritability, vitamin deficiency, weakened immune system, decreased metabolism, hair loss, and in extreme cases, brain damage…


The GOOD NEWS: Most people don’t stay on these diets long enough to experience the more dangerous symptoms! Ha. These diets are extremely low in calories and don’t provide enough calories for normal function. (rule of thumb: never consume less than 1200 calories). When we get less calories than that minimum, our bodies go into “starvation” mode. Seriously. The triggered mechanisms in the body hold onto fat, allowing protein stores to first be used for energy. Our metabolisms decrease because the body doesn’t want to need more calories. Then when you stop the detox and go back to your normal calorie level, people tend to gain more weight because the body has adjusted to a new, lower calorie level.


The NITTY GRITTY:  Guess what? Your body already knows how to “detox” itself without putting it through that pain. Did you know that sweating is a form of detox?  Step-by-step… Sweating is the body’s response to cool itself down. The body needs to cool down when its core temperature goes up. When does your temperature go up? When you exercise!!! So exercise not only helps your body detox, BUT you can also promote weight loss by burning those calories!!!!!


Other ways your body cleanses itself (or safe ways you can help):

1. Going to the bathroom.

– Eat FIBER-rich foods! Fruits, veggies and whole grains…

2. Beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

– Yes. No need for those procedures… “natural” bacteria living in your gut helps remove toxins! Pre- and Probiotics (as in yogurt) promote the growth of good bacteria and keep digestion functioning normally.  And again, fiber “cleans” you out too.

4. The kidneys and the liver.

– Guess what? These organs’ jobs are to filter out toxins!

3. Drink water.

– Instead of making whatever concoction the newest diet says is the cure-all, drink plain old water. Eliminate those sweetened beverages and guzzle that H20. Water helps moves waste through your system ready to be excreted at the end.

4. Focus on non-processed foods.

– Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, leans meats and poultry. All of these things are provided to us by our Maker and are approved for consumption 🙂 When you eliminate or reduce processed foods you will likely be on the right track toward those weight loss goals. Plus, your skin will improve, and you will feel better!


Now that sounds like a cleanse to me… eating REAL food, exercising… and reaping even greater benefits.

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  1. Josh Roberts

     /  March 6, 2011

    That’s a crazy amount of side effects. I always thought there was probably something wrong with those “detox” diets. After all, it’s a fad diet. 😉


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