Fighting Inflammation w/ Food

So I’ve been out for awhile… Wanna know why? I’ve been fighting INFLAMMATION!!!


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So I rocked tried out a CrossFit workout class last Wednesday (I welcome all input about this program b/c I hope to eventually return). The particular class that I dropped in on was out of the ordinary. Instead of the typical WOD  (workout of the day) format I was lucky enough to get a seminar on kettle bells.

The instructor lead us through an hour long session of kettle bell swings which, unintentionally, completely tore up my mid and lower back.


Yes, I used all conventional methods to fight this muscle inflammation (icyhot, ibuprofen, muscle relaxer, ice, heating pad, and epsom salt baths). The thing is, most of these things (apart from the meds) are working on the muscle from the outside in. Guess what?!?! There are FOODS that fight it from the inside out! How much better is that!

And this doesn’t just apply to muscle soreness. This is for chronic inflammation too! From muscles to joints, these foods will improve blood flow and decrease inflammation! Scientists understand that certain enzymes in the body cause inflammtion and more of them are produced during  times of stress. Certain foods (mostly plant-based) have antioxidants and phytochemicals that decrease these enzymes activities.  Read on…


Fighting Foods:

Fruits & Veggies- (face it, you just need to eat more of these)

Sweet Bing Cherries

Check out my Cherry Smoothie! YUMMMM!!! (I'm lactose intolerant so pardon the LF milk)


Dark Chocolate- at least 60% cacoa (or cocoa in general)



Omega-3 Fatty Acids- like in salmon and tuna

Canola oil- Corn and soybean oils (in margarine and processed foods) which are high in omega-6’s actually increase inflammation


Apples- contain quercetin, a flavanoid (which is also in tea and onions!)


Start eating… to fight your inflammation!

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