5 Secrets to Spring Success

Spring has arrived!! Which also means, in Ohio, hail, thunderstorms, possibility of snow, and maybe… wait for it… even a warm day. Regardless of what our weather holds, NOW is the time to find success with your health goals.


Here are my 5 Secrets to Success (whatever your health goals may be)

1. Realistic and achievable goals.

Maybe you’ve made some goals already. What are they? Lose 10 lbs, 20, 100? Exercise more? Sound familiar? Why do you think these goals are rarely achieved? They are too broad. These are good “big picture” goals, but how are you going to lose those 10lbs? By exercising more? Do you get my point. Make your goals more specific. Try this. “I will eat 2 more servings of fruit each day.” “I will eat a serving of vegetables at every meal.” “I will walk/run/bike/swim for 10 minutes each morning increasing by 5 minutes each week.” Whatever your “big picture” may be, make your daily goals more specific, realistic, and achievable. And as you are able to accomplish these small steps you will make progress toward your bigger goal.

2. The power of positive thinking.

You can do it!! With the new specific goals you’ve made, you are now ready to believe in yourself. These things are not difficult when you break them down into small steps. What are the barriers you face with your health goals? Let’s find solutions! Nothing is too hard to handle. There are ways to overcome every excuse in the book. Feel free to ask me for some tips in overcoming your barriers. Here are a few: lack of time- try getting up 10 minutes earlier to fit in some exercise, or use the lunch break for a brisk walk; healthy food is too expensive- nope. Buy your fruits and vegetables in season, use frozen (just as good as fresh) or canned (no salt or sugar added), buy meats on sale, stick to the basics in the food groups (your costs start piling on when you add in the processed foods you don’t even need).

3. Accountability.

Everybody needs a friend. There is something about having support that makes it easier to achieve goals. Tell someone your specific plans and ask them to ask you about them. Find a neighbor, family member, or friend to exercise with… and pick an event to train for together. My running buddy and I are training for another marathon. There are many weekends when I would not be motivated to finish my long run (or even go for that matter) if I didn’t know that she was there waiting for me and counting on me. Or use your dog for motivation. Our pooches need their exercise, right? Promise the pooch that they will get their daily walk (and you will take them!)

4. Determination.

This one may take a while to develop. This is  the resolve that you WILL accomplish what you put your mind to. This comes from within. Find your reason for wanting to achieve this goal. Maybe it’s so that you can get off of a medication, or walk up stairs without getting winded, or live to see your children’s children, or maybe it’s so that you can feel confident in that swimsuit. Find your reason and hold to it as your motivation and determination.

5. No deprivation  here.

I can’t imagine going through life without chocolate or Whit’s custard. The way to approach a new way of eating is not to view it as a diet. Diets are restrictive. The way you eat should not leave you feeling hungry or dissatisfied. I believe that all foods you like can fit into a healthy food plan. Diets aren’t successful. Why? Because they leave you deprived. That is where a dietitian can totally help you! My job is to work with you to figure out how small changes can produce big results in your life. Allow yourself your favorite food! Sure, not everyday, but look at each day and week as whole and how you can balance that food into the week. Moderation.


Now, go for it! You are on your way to Spring Success!

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