Exercise On-The-Go

Here are some tips I used while away to make sure I didn’t slack on exercise. These tips are also useful for the average busy adult. It’s hard to find time to exercise at home let alone when on the road. Hope this helps!

1. Make it a priority.

-Whether at home or on the road, you must make exercise a “MUST” in each day. It isn’t an option. You need it. And once you start making it a habit you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

2. Write it down.

-At the beginning of the week, I specifically recorded in my planner exactly what I was going to do for each day. Monday: Cross train 45 minutes, P90X chest, biceps, triceps; Tuesday: 3 X 1600 speedwork; Wednesday: Cross Train 45 minutes, P90X chest, back; Thursday: 7 mile tempo run; Friday: Cross train 45 minutes, P90X legs, back

3. Improvise.

-So my plan was to pop the P90X DVD into the computer (in the hotel) and do m workout with the resistance bands. Perfect when on the go. Fail: I forgot the dvd’s and bands. What did I do? Ran to Walmart and got a couple of workou

hotel fitness center

t dvd’s. Were they as intense as my P90X? No. Did they do the job and keep me burning calories? Yes. Winning.

4. Utilize what’s around you.

-No, you don’t need a gym to workout. Sure it’s nice, but not necessary. I did use the hotel fitness center (see picture). Don’t let thepicture fool you, though. The room actually only had 1 treadmill, an elliptical,and a stair stepper (no bicycle). Ha!

Also, I found out from the hotel front desk that there was local college around the corner (and safe). Also nearby was a multi-purpose trail!!! Perfect for the 7 mile run!

With just a yoga mat and dvd I was able to relax and de-stress in the privacy of my hotel room. (I also searched for local yoga studios but was never able to make it to a class…good idea though).

I also could have easily done push-ups, sit-ups, and other body-weight exercises that didn’t require any equipment at all.


The recommendations are 30-60 minutes of cardiovascular activity daily. 60-90 minutes daily for weight loss! So let’s do it. No excuses. 🙂

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