Caffeine Pants or My Plate (of food)?

2 new ways to lose weight… wear a pair of pants vs. changing the way you eat. Which would you choose? Of course if putting on pants was all that it took to lose weight then I’d be the first in line. If you’re confused and wondering what I’m talking about, check out this video! Really?

Hmm... what is this world coming to...


What do you think? I think, “seriously…? people are funny.” This is what makes my job so much fun.


In other news, the USDA revealed their new icon to replace the food pyramid. You know, the food pyramid with all the colors and the the little guy walking up the side. Have you ever actually used that as a weight loss tool? Probably not. I would use it to teach elementary students about the food groups and to show that we need a variety of foods in our diet. That’s about it. This new plate is exactly what I use many times when counseling clients.

My Plate


Half of the plate = fruits and vegetables.

1/4 of the plate = grains (preferable whole) (could be: sweet or regular potato, brown rice, quinoa, etc.)

1/4 of the plate = protein (preferably lean!)

1 serving of dairy = could be: added (1.5 oz.) cheese, a glass (8 oz) of milk, (8 oz) yogurt, (1/2 c) cottage cheese


This is how you go about making your diet predominantly plant-based. This is how you start eating more like the Mediterranean way (which is the part of the world with the lowest rates or heart disease, diabetes, etc.). By making half of your plate vegetables with some fruit you inevitably decrease the amount of calories you’re eating because fruits and vegetables are lower in calories than grains and meat. Remember that added butter and some other condiments could still add calories so watch those! Also, the size of the plate matters! You can’t use a 12 inch plate and think that you can fill it all the way up for weight loss. An 8 inch plate would be more like it…


What did your plate look like for dinner tonight? How many fruits and vegetables (non-starchy! remember corn and peas count as grains!) did you have on your plate? What size was your plate?

Try this as a first step toward weight loss! Restructure your meals, and plan according to the new USDA icon. Thanks, USDA, this was a great choice!

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