Marathon Weekend and Lessons Learned

Charlevoix, Michigan… ever been? It’s GORGEOUS to say the least. Traveled with the hubs, my running buddy and her boyfriend. Very fun! I thought I would share some pics with you…

First shot of Lake Charlevoix

Me and my RB, Allison!

They are known for their cherries! Yum! Perfect for post-race inflammation!

Lake Michigan

Now to the race…

Saturday morning schedule:

5:00 am- up and eating breakfast (oatmeal w/ almond butter, banana, and hot tea- all brought from home)… check.

6:20 am- meet RB in hotel lobby to walk 1 mile to the start… check.

6:50 am- last minute bathroom stop… check.

7:00 am- START!! … check.

Mile 1 – 9:15

Mile 2 – 8:58

Mile 3– 9:22

Mile 4– umm… FAIL. RB’s IT band starts hurting so we stop to stretch… no good… RB has to drop out! 😦 What do I do? I guess keep going… 10:32.

Mile 5 – 8:55

I won’t do this for all miles, but I stayed under 10 min/mile for the first half. Success. Then the legs started to act up… Hydration was fine. I drank water and/or gatorade at every stop. Got my rhythm back around mile 17 – 9:38. However, the inclines started to get me. I don’t think I went out too hard. My times were right on pace. I had a few bursts around 7 min/miles that were a little much though. I think what got me was the eating… This coming from a dietitian!!! I stayed hydrated throughout, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with my electrolyte needs, thus, slow miles coming back and a seizing calf around mile 21…

Mile 20– 12:53

Mile 21 -12:43… umm… FAIL!

Mile 23– coming back around at 10:15

The last 3 were just too slow to at least get me under 4:30. Finish time: 4:33.

My goal was to get under 4:20. Didn’t happen. BUT it was an improvement from the last marathon (I would’ve practically had to walk the whole thing to do worse than that though. ha!) If my RB would’ve been with me to keep me sane, I think we could have done it. RB, I MISSED you during that run!!!!


Will I do another? Before this one, I said “no.” 2 days later and I’m already considering which one to do next. Don’t ask me why… It isn’t fun. I’m just too competitive, I think. I want to get better, faster, and stronger. I want to get one under 4:00. I don’t know if I’ll stop before I do.

My RB found me twice during the race to cheer me on! And, of course, was at the finish for me! A, you're awesome!

Lessons Learned:

  • Train harder. The 3 day running program was awesome, but I slacked on my CT days.
  • Eat better during race. I like the Cliff bars. They were easier on my digestion than GU (and tasted better!), but I think I need a combo of shot blocks and cliff.
  • Keep up with the weights. I slacked on weight lifting until about 1-2 months prior. My muscles would have been happier if they were stronger.
  • Always run with an RB! It’s just not the same without a companion to keep you going…


What is your health goal? I find that I work harder when I have something to work for… What keeps you going?

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