Real Food and Banana Muffins

I recently came across this blog: (while searching for whole wheat banana muffin recipes) and have to say, I really like this idea. Of course, this is my goal for everyone., but to put it in a challenge is a novel idea. LOVE THIS! She is not a dietitian or medical professional, but she was inspired to eat healthier (after reading a book by Michael Pollan). And it seems that she has succeeded benefiting not only herself but also her family. What is your inspiration? Still looking for it?


Could you do it? Could you eat only “real” food for 100 days? What about 10 days? YES! Here is her list of rules: The Rules (these are fine rules by my standards as well)


Imagine if you only ate food that came straight from the earth. Foods that weren’t processed in a factory. How do you think you would feel? More energy? Healthier weight? Better blood pressure? The possibilities are endless. Remember that it’s virtually impossible to eat a completely “processed food” free diet. Processing is not only “factory made” goods, but it also includes what goes on in your kitchen. Cooking is a form of processing. The goal is as minimal processing as possible and for the only processing to be what is done in your kitchen. (This is not a raw food push. Understand that I do want you to cook your food ๐Ÿ™‚ I just want you to steer away from food in a package)


On to the banana muffins… Check these out!!!

So easy I didn't even have time to capture the process ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh so yummy! Froze the leftovers and have been eating them for days!

***** Highly recommend this one! Here’s the recipe: Banana Muffins (recipe is for bread, but just make as muffins)


Can you take a 10 day real food challenge?

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  1. yummmmmy!!! these look great Kristen!


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