Delicious and Fast Weeknight Meals

Someone told me the other day that I have really good tips but don’t share them enough. I’m a dietitian… how could I not be sharing enough tips!! AAAHHH! So let’s get right to it. 2 fast weeknight meals that taste great and are great for you 🙂


Steamed Veggies and Chicken

Sounds plain, boring and bland, right? Not so. Veggies don’t have to be mushy or bland. And chicken doesn’t always have to be dry!

Recipe (serves 4):

2 steamable bag of Giant Eagle Edamame Blend veggies

1 rotisserie chicken (save the rest for another night or lunch (add to salad, stir-fry, or quesadillas!))

1 C shredded cheese

S & P


Steam veggies in microwave as directed. Divide onto plates. Top with shredded chicken from rotisserie, cheese, and salt and pepper.

Doesn't get any easier...

Why this meal?

1. It’s full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

2. We want 1/2 of our plate fruits and veggies and this does it!

3. Lower in calories.

4. Protein from edamame and chicken.

5. Baby corn just tastes awesome.


Meal # 2: Breakfast for Dinner!!!

Omelets packed w/ veggies and sweet potato home fries

This meal was inspired by a treasure I uncovered while pulling out weeds in the garden…

Happy with this!

Sadie is eyeing my sweet potato.


Who knew it took so many vines for one potato...






Check out those little gems!









So maybe I can grow something! Peppers and sweet potatoes! Now what to do with them? Not wanting to spend tons of time in kitchen but not letting them go to waste…also had to find a meal that the hubs would eat. Solution: Breakfast for Dinner!



Chopped up peppers, onions, tomatoes, or whatever veggies you have

Sprinkle of cheese

1 whole egg plus 2 egg whites per person (with a splash of milk)

S & P


Make an omelet! Saute veggies in pan with oil spray. Then add whisked eggs/milk to the pan. Everyone can do that, right? Or just make scrambled eggs with the sauteed veggies.


Home Fries


1/2 medium to large sweet potato per person (or 1 small per person)

Olive oil

S & P


Heat pan with olive oil (medium-ish). Dice sweet potatoes. Put potatoes in pan and sprinkle with S & P. Cover and stir occasionally. Cook until done. (I didn’t keep track of the time… maybe 8-10 ins?) Enjoy!

Don't worry. Those veggies are hiding in the omelet!


What are your go to weeknight meals? Any tips YOU can share?

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