Potatoes Explored

In the news recently has been some chatter about proposed regulations to take potatoes out of school lunches. When you think of potatoes in school lunches what comes to mind? French fries? That’s what I think. However, if prepared in a healthier way, potatoes can be so good for you! (The issue with the lunches was resolved as far as I could tell… potatoes stay but have guidelines for servings per week)


The problem isn’t with the potato itself. Nope. Although potatoes have been given a bad name with the increase in low-carb fad diets, potatoes can and should be an important staple in most people’s diets (I say most because certain conditions have to watch potassium). The problem is with how the potato is prepared and if it is taking the place of non-starchy vegetables in our diet. You know the part of MyPlate that lists grains? That’s where the potato should go on our plate.

What has sparked this new found interest in the potato? Well, yesterday I purchased a 50# bag of yukon gold potatoes from a Lynd’s Fruit Farm. 50# is way more than I will ever use… BUT I thought it would be fun to see how many ways I could healthfully fix them (until we get tired of them 🙂 ) By the way, if you need any potatoes, LET ME KNOW!!

my 50# bag!

If I find a particular recipe that is extraordinary, I will be sure to post it. However, not all recipes will be worthy so you can also follow some of the things I find to make on my new Pinterest board, Potatoes Galore (just started this pinterest thing… very cool!). I have already found a few that I hope to try soon!


What’s all the fuss about?

Potato Benefits (for 1 medium potato):

1. Cheap! It’s the #1 vegetable crop in the world! Buy in bulk for a better price.

2. Only 130 calories!

3. 750mg of potassium!!! That’s the equivalent of 2 medium bananas! Good for blood pressure!

4. 3 grams of fiber! That’s about 10-15% of what you need each day. (remember to eat the skin!)

5. Over 25% of your daily value of vitamin C!

6. A good source of manganese, copper and B6!

7. A source of phytonutrients = antioxidants! Eat a variety of colors (skin and flesh) for the greatest benefit.

Is this convincing enough?? Eat up!


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the ideas swirling in my head for these yukon golds:

oven baked fries, roasted w/ veggies and herbs, garlic mashed, potato soup, grilled packets of potato and onion, potato skins, nicoise salad, spanish tortilla!, homemade gnocchi, kale/spinach hash with eggs, potato torte, lightened-up scalloped potatoes, latkes, vegetable soup, crockpot meals

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