Maintaining through Thanksgiving Tips

Let’s face it. Thanksgiving is about food. Should it be? Not completely (see my previous post). Yes, it is the decadent meal that brings families together. So are we thinking of continuing weight loss through this holiday and into the Christmas season? No. We just need to survive, right? This will make the 1st of the new year so much easier if we have maintained through the holidays… no gaining…no bloating… no cavities ;)… just maintain. That’s a great goal to have for the last month and half of the year. Let’s stick with that.


Before Thanksgiving Day Strategies:

1. continue as planned with regular exercise (do not excuse your way out of exercise)

2. plan for healthier dishes and substitutions you will make to decrease fat, sugar, and sodium (go in with a plan)

3. schedule in your exercise for actual holiday day (that’s right, you heard me…)

Thanksgiving Day Strategies:

1. take a walk (or other exercise) FIRST thing in the morning! (only exception is to put the turkey in the oven first, then exercise)

2. eat breakfast! (and lunch! absolutely no skipping meals!)

3. relax with the Macy’s Day parade on TV while you cook your dishes (stress free!)

4. stay hydrated. (we don’t want to imagine hunger when we are actually thirsty)

5. use these substitutions and tips:

– use non-fat, plain yogurt in place of sour cream or fat in baked goods (or use unsweetened applesauce)

– use whole wheat flour for 1/2 the amount of flour in recipes (or more)

– use low sodium chicken/turkey broth in place of pan drippings and butter in all recipes

– rub the turkey with 2 tbls. oil with herbs & spices instead of butter

– roast veggies w/ canola oil spray and herbs to bring out flavor

– search for healthier pumpkin pie recipes!

– use fat free evaporated milk instead of whole milk or cream

– use a whole grain bread in the stuffing for added fiber!

6. Eat the meal in the same portions you would any other meal. (taste everything, and have a little bit more of you favorites… but don’t go overboard) Finish eating when you are a 7-8 on the hunger scale (from 1-10)

6. Take a family walk after the meal

After Thanksgiving Day Strategies:

1. Resume exercise routine on Friday!!

2. Use turkey leftovers in a healthier ways.

3. Resume normal eating patterns.


Did you know that the average person consumes anywhere from 1600-3000 calories in 1 thanksgiving meal?!?!? It also contains the amount of total fat equal to 1 stick of butter, saturated fat equal to 1.5 cups of heavy cream, and more than a full day’s worth of sodium?

Your health is in your hands. Enjoy the day and just be smart about it 🙂


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