Joy Bauer And Her Top 10 Foods For 2012

Joy Bauer (Today Show Dietitian) came to visit our very own Kingsdale Market District (Giant Eagle) this past week. It is always exciting to meet fellow dietitians, especially ones that people know/recognize and respect. The thing that I love about Joy is that her advice is always based on sound scientific evidence. She isn’t a dietitian that finds the need to “fluff” up her segments with showy demonstrations or product pushing (like some TV doctors do…). She is simply practicing what she loves to do, and people listen. They listen because she is telling the truth!! Listen up everyone. Registered Dietitians know their stuff. Clearly I can’t speak for all of them… as in every profession there are “bad apples.” But RDs have been trained and taught to look at science objectively and to practive research-based scientific evidence. Trust us.


Off my soap box and on to her top 10 foods! Which I agree with and will even add 2 more to make an awesome 12 power food list for 2012!

In no particular order…

1. pumpkin– vitamin A and fiber! delicious in oatmeal, added to chili and soups, and as a pudding!

2. red peppers– excellent source of vitamin c!! Great as a healthy dipper with your favorite hummus.

3. edamame– lean vegetarian protein with omegas! Make it into a hummus!

4. canned salmon– lots of omegas and you can get it wild for cheaper than fresh.

5. spinach– sooo many vitamins and minerals- A, K, C, magnesium, folate, calcium, Bs and more! Make Joy’s spinach taco burgers!

6. curry powder– has anti-inflammatory properties! Try it in homemade chicken salad!

7. frozen berries– obviously low in calories with tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! Perfect in smoothies!

8. nuts– all nuts! Manganese and omegas… they are great mood boosting foods!

9. lentils– iron, protein and fiber to both help fill you up and lower cholesterol! Throw them in your favorite soup!

10. balsamic vinegar– vinegar has been shown to help keep blood sugars under control! Make a homemade dressing with it!


My additions:

11. chia seeds– awesome fiber and omega-3s! Put in smoothies or on hot cereal or use in baking too!

12. plain, nonfat Greek yogurt– everyone knows about it, but not everyone utilizes plain yet (ZERO added sugar people!)! Put it in smoothies, use for baking, and ALWAYS use it instead of sour cream!

Nice to meet you, Joy! Dietitians Rock!

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