It’s National Nutrition Month!

What are you going to do to celebrate? Can you possibly dedicate an entire month on building healthy eating habits? I think so! It’s the perfect time!

Many blogs and articles are focusing on MyPlate this month using the phrase, “Get Your Plate in Shape.”

Need a reminder for what this means? Check out it out here.


As you’re forming good habits and getting your plate in shape, try these simple tips (from Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating). Small changes lead to big results, and these tips can help you decrease you total caloric intake without even realizing it!! If your doing the opposite of this, it could also be why you have a hard time losing weight.

1. Pre-plate your food. People eat about 14% more when they take a little and go back for 2nds and 3rds. It’s better for your eyes to see all that you are eating ahead of time.

2. Use illusions in your favor. Eat from an 8-10 inch plate. Drink from a tall skinny cup instead of short fatter cups. Keep cereal and such in small boxes in bags instead of pouring from Sam’s Club sized boxes/bags. We underestimate how much we serve ourselves when using the larger sizes.

3. Make (over) eating inconvenient. Leave your serving dishes at the stove instead of having the meal family style. Only snack at the table and on a clean plate (whew, that will wipe out my snacking…I hate doing the dishes!)

4. Eliminate distractions while eating. Think about how much you consume when eating in front of the computer or the TV. Can you even remember all the foods you had last night? Exactly. Keep eating at the table with all distractions turned off. You will eat less.

5. Keep your comfort food. That’s right. No one is ever satisfied after eating a “diet” cookie or fat free chips. An important component to weight loss is to stay satisfied. Deprivation can be disastrous. Then you start to associate healthy eating with being on a diet and you get resentful. Enjoy your favorite foods, just in smaller amounts.


These are only a few suggestions from Mindless Eating. I highly recommend this book to everyone! You will learn so much about yourself 🙂

What are you going to do to make National Nutrition Month count?

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