Surviving and Thriving through Thanksgiving

Ok! Thanksgiving is officially tomorrow. Do you have a plan? Sure, this day is time to relax, enjoy family and food, and be grateful. Gluttony is not gratitude. So let’s enjoy without going overboard!

My plan is to start the day with a 5k race (with a 2 mile pre-race run 🙂 ) That’s 2 extra miles I was not planning to do… starting the day off right!

Here are a few tips for keeping your diet under control while still enjoying the day:

1. Don’t skip meals. It may be wise to limit calories for the other meals, but skipping meals will just lead to more hunger and then overeating and indulging later on. Keep breakfast simple and nutritious, but DO NOT SKIP it.

2. Make your own choices. You know your eating patterns. Don’t let the comments from others (e.g. would you like another roll, why aren’t you eating very much, do you want seconds, etc.) influence you. Take control of your own choices. See this article for some good tips about avoiding “health sabotagers.”

3. Stick to MyPlate as best as you can. Fill half your plate with those delicious brussels sprouts or roasted veggies, 1/4 plate with turkey/gravy, and 1/4 with potatoes and stuffing.

4. If it’s not your favorite, skip it. Find those dishes your mouth has been watering over and enjoy. Skip the calories on the food you really don’t like that much anyway.

5. Take a dish you know you can splurge on. Be the one to take a healthy dish. My plan is to be in charge of the roasted veggies and mashed cauliflower/turnip (as a potato replacement).

Here are few fun articles with more tips:

Party Guide

10 Food Swaps

More on Diet Wreckers


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