6 in 6 Challenge: Week 3 Plan

Almost half way there… 2 weeks in! My weigh-in date is tomorrow for week 2, but I was down 2.4# in the first week. Understanding that I chose to increase my calories by 200-300 for a couple days over Thanksgiving, I am hoping to be down .5-1# more from this past week. How are you doing?

This weight loss is by moving more and eating less. That’s it. No crazy diet, no elimination of any particular foods, no low carb days… just eating right and exercising.

Here’s my plan for week 3:


The way to prevent holiday weight gain is to eat like it’s the holidays for 1 or 2 days and then get back to your normal routine instead of over- indulging and snacking for the whole time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So get back to it! It’s a new day and new week. Keep it up!

And for now… the Browns are winning! Go Browns!

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