Life Update

I probably owe it to you to pop in, and at least update everyone on changes that have happened in the last few months. (If you subscribe to my blog then you won’t have to keep checking the site πŸ˜‰ )

as you recall from my update in April

First 4 months of 2013:

1.Car accident and insurance claims

2. Sold our first house

3. Bought our 2nd house

4. Renovating our new house (which will consume probably at least 6 more months this year)

5. Practicing 6 batters for my friend’s wedding (3 gluten free and 3 regular flavors)- yep making the cake!

6. Work, of course.

7. …still no car…

Since then…

1.Finished the cake!!DSC_0303

2. Finally purchased new car in June (still a Honda Civic gal ;))

3. STILL renovating house (pics below).

4. Was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding out of town. (so fun and lovely break from renovations)

5. Grilling or eating out are our only 2 options for meals. Kabobs are a super yummy summer food… until you have them EVERY night. (see my attempts at creativity below).

6. Quit my comfortable job as a retail Dietitian.

7. Began work as a self-employed contractor again (yikes).

8. LOVE my new job working to fight childhood obesity- see organization here!! (and also counseling in private practice)

9. …and… STILL… renovating.

Happy Tuesday. Back soon to post “after” pictures (fingers crossed!). *share your favorite creative grilled meal, PLEASE!

...taking a wall down...

…taking a wall down…

...wall down...

…wall down…

And let's change the size of a window.

And let’s change the size of a window.

My "kitchen" for the past 5? months.

My “kitchen” for the past 5? months.

Pizza- one of our faves!

Pizza- one of our faves!

Leftover pizza sauce on top of chicken and steak... trying to get creative.

Leftover pizza sauce on top of chicken and steak… trying to get creative.

Lentils and veggies. Not a fave of the hubs :/

Lentils and veggies. Not a fave of the hubs :/


Summer Update

Hello, friends! Has this been as busy of a summer for you as it has been for me? That’s what I thought πŸ™‚

I took a couple months off to enjoy the sunshine (making that Vitamin D), find new ways to exercise, get some R&R, and experiment in the kitchen. I hope you did the same.

A little recap:

The beginning of June was spent with trips to the zoo:

…preparing for my brother’s wedding (which was gorgeous) & baking/decorating 300+ cupcakes and a 2 tier cake πŸ™‚ TONS of fun. But that meant that the rest of June was for rest and recovery. haha.

Cake table!

Me and my beautiful sister-in-law


… My nephew, Liam, turned 1! (see pic above)

…My friend and I began training for a triathlon together. I always recommend training with a friend. My second marathon was done with a friend too. It makes the time fly by and you can enjoy each other’s company while doing the body good! Anyway, Steph and I finished the women’s tri together with smiles πŸ™‚ Then instead of using the next day to recover, I did a sprint tri! That’s my style…keep pushing! (Sorry, no picture 😦 )

I started crossfit this summer and fell in love. Too bad the budget won’t allow it to continue. With a hot water heater to replace, car to save for, and a new roof needed (etc!), other things have the priority. HOWEVER, don’t get me wrong. I DID NOT say that other things have taken priority over exercise. No way. So the hubs and I have done a little gym hopping. The important thing is that it makes no difference what facility is being used. It could be a park, your neighborhood sidewalk, a fancy gym, or crossfit warehouse. You make do with what you have, and you adapt. I’m just thankful for the arms and legs I have been given and that I have the luxury of stepping out the front door and am able to go for a run.

Just go.

Now on to August…Steve and I vacationed in beautiful Virginia, visiting 2 of my most favorite people in the world πŸ™‚

Mom & Dad! My pics from this trip are on my other computer… this will do.

…Steve, me, and my brother and sister-in-law did an Adventure race in Cbus. So fun!

We got 12th out of 125 teams!

…No kids here so back to school hasn’t meant that much to me. Rather it has been a month to reflect and plan. I love that I’m young and have my “whole life ahead of me.” I have dreams and aspirations, and am starting to take baby steps towards them. I’m excited about what the future holds. Projects are brewing and I’ll be sure to keep you posted along the way.

Let’s leave it at that. I hope your summer has been fruitful. Please share a fun experience that you’ve had!

My quinoa casserole recipe will be coming soon!

Quick Update

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the few weeks absence! I have been without a computer (mine died) until last night! I’m a proud new laptop owner (although sad because my other one was really just fine).

So posts coming soon, I promise!!!

Having fun at the SCAN conference this weekend and will be sure to let you know what I learn.

Be back soon!


Tweeting on Twitter

I’ve never been on the same page as technology and I’ll be the first to admit it. Yes, I can pretty much figure anything out… but I never have the latest stuff or understand trends when they occur… mainly because I’m thrifty cheap. Facebook was one and twitter is another. I am pleased to announce that I finally have a twitter account!! I think this method will make you all happier with me… Why? Because I figured out that blogging is like another job. When I began, my goal was to write 2-3 times per week. That never happened. Now, I’m lucky to get to it once a week. It’s not that I don’t love it or that I don’t have enough to say. I certainly have plenty to say and enjoy it quite tremendously. It’s just that it’s not a habit yet, and I haven’t found that perfect balance. Soooo… as I figure out a good blogging schedule, let me continue to share my ramblings on Twitter. Find me today! @ramblingsofanrd

Send me your nutrition questions that I can address both on here and on Twitter!!! Live healthy this week and I will catch you soon with an update on my garden πŸ™‚ (hint: ambition and heart don’t always equal success)

Memorial Day Madness

I LOVE holidays! Who doesn’t?

Memorial Day: the unofficial start to summer(… yes… has anyone been outside yet today in Cbus? A blazing hot July-like day. Will be in the 90s. Who’s complaining? not this one πŸ™‚ ), a chance to remember those soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom (thank you men and women in uniform!), and a reason for a cookout (or bar-b-q for all the Canadians).


So what’s on the menu for today? Glad you asked. First:

Breakfast! (100% whole grain buttermilk pancakes w/ added ground flaxseed, blueberries, and sliced almonds. A little spray butter and drizzle (I mean drizzle) of 100% pure maple syrup to top it off.)

I’m the best pancake maker ever…ask my husband πŸ™‚












Lunch: COOKOUT at the in-laws. Not sure what’s on the menu. What are you having? Doesn’t matter if I plan the food or not though because I know what to look for and what to stay away from in order to keep with my health goals. A holiday isn’t an excuse to pig-out. Yes, I think the food at holidays should be enjoyed (ahem…my pancakes), but balance still wins. Everyday. Holiday or not.


My 10 Memorial Day Tips (to keep you on the right track for that summer body πŸ™‚

1. Fill up with fiber: What better way than at breakfast. First, you have to eat breakfast. Skipping this meal doesn’t mean that you save your calories for later. It doesn’t work that way. Getting breakfast within 2 hours of waking up actually jump starts your body’s metabolism. And who doesn’t want need a faster metabolism? So get some fiber to fill you up until that afternoon cookout.

2. Stay hydrated! Most Memorial Days (especially this one) are HOT. You don’t want your body thinking it’s hungry when actually what it needs is fluid. Stick to 0 calorie beverages like unsweetened iced tea and water. Even lemonade crystal light is a good choice.

3. Choose the leanest meat. If your choices are 80% lean burger, grilled chicken breast, shrimp, hot dog, or kielbasa which should you choose? I would go for either the chicken or shrimp. If the burger was 90% lean or better, go for it.

4. Pick a low-fat side. You have potato salad, pasta salad, fruit bowl, veggie tray and baked beans. I think the right choices are obvious (fruit and veggies). And considering that even just 1/2 cup of potato salad can pack upwards of 200 calories, this is a tough area to navigate. My suggestion is to load up on the veggies and fruit (no sugar added) and have just a small spoonful of 1 or 2 of the other sides you like.

5. Snack smart. After the meal, the games begin. Thus, the snack breaks begin. I don’t believe that it’s necessary to bring out all of the food again and pig-out. What’s the point of the exercise if you just eat the calories back. Weight loss takes a calorie deficit. So take advantage of this time of fun activity. Instead snack of the fruit and veggies( very low-calorie) and drink those 0 cal beverages! Most likely you are just thirsty anyway.

6. Dessert? Not necessary when fruit is on the table. If you must, choose a little bit of the jello orΒ  trifle with cool whip. More than likely you will save some calories than if you went with the strawberry shortcake or brownies. Remember, saying no if you’re not really hungry is not wrong! “No, thank you. I’m trying to eat better for my health” can be powerful words.

7. PLAY HARD! Sitting around is overrated. You can enjoy everyone’s company by playing yard games and being active too. Get out and have some fun πŸ™‚


What’s on YOUR menu today? Food, games, fun?

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