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Hi! I’m Kristen. This blog is here for me to share my personal and professional experiences as a dietitian, wife, sister, daughter, friend, runner, cooking experimenter, yoga lover, newbie cyclist and your typical health nut obsessed with living my life to its fullest.

I hope to share what’s on my mind as well as answer wellness questions from you. I will address common myths, new ideas, current trends, and helpful diet and exercise advice. My goal is that you will have the opportunity to learn something new and be motivated and inspired to take baby steps toward improving your own health and finding balance in your life.

My Story

Weight was never a concern of mine throughout grade school… I played just about every sport offered at my small, Christian school and had the metabolism of an active teenager. My nutrition obsession began during my freshman year of college when, after the freshman volleyball season was over, I learned that I couldn’t eat like I did in high school and still stay the same weight. I was fortunate enough to make this discovery before gaining extra weight. However, there needs to be limits in life, and the path that I was preparing to walk down (without sound nutritional guidance) was not a wise one. I started to follow every article and news announcement and headed into a no fat, no meat, no carb, no sweets diet. I found myself having aversions to just about every type of food except for raw veggies. Granted I lost over 10 pounds… I didn’t really have more than 10 pounds to healthfully lose. I started showing signs of the female triad (I’m sure I’ll address this condition later on). Needless to say, obsessions can go too far.

Soon after the weight loss I  decided to change my major from elementary education to nutrition. I had to change schools in order to do so and ended up at The Ohio State University in the Medical Dietetics program. I was on my way to learning the truth about how the body works and how the right foods properly fuel these intricate machines. Yay!

Healthy, balanced living has many imposters. I want you to be able to discern fact from fiction.  I will always try to present you with truth.    …and, hopefully, we’ll have some fun along the way!

Happy reading.

My sweet pup... when she was skinny...


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